About us

BRISTOL – erotic show club-restaurant that threw all patterns show erotic clubs and has created its own standard. BRISTOL – the center of entertainment not only for men, and First in Lviv Center for Women and entertainment, which includes erotica theater, restaurant, bar.

Held every weekend in Bristol Adult-themed party. On the club scene will perform best stripper country and walk between the tables and seductive girls first people who every time try on a new image of a rabbit to baykershi from locksmith to police.

We invite our guests to enter the world of aesthetic pleasure.

Strip-bar “Bristol” – a restaurant with a warm atmosphere that will satisfy fans of stylish recreation. There is an atmosphere of glamor. The interior is made in the original style, creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The original design of the podium and cozy arrangement of sofas and tables allow very close to watch everything that happens on the podium.

Strip-bar “Bristol” – a paradise for every woman, the area of ​​beauty and temptation, play of light and illusion. Lviv first lady after a tiring working day can visit us at the light and see the stunning MEN-SHOW, which you will never forget, because male dance – a seductive performance. Sensitive people, has a beautiful body and his dignity elevates it to you – a paradise for every woman. Leave the anxiety of the past and explore a world of illusions and fantasies. Monty will help reduce stress for women who have to work hard and remember the loved himself.

Our men are ready to satisfy all your wishes. We have no need to be distracted by extraneous thoughts, we have created all conditions for your holiday. For each visitor to our VIP-lady!